19 September - 20 September 2016 | MCE Conference & Business Centre, Brussels




On all levels of public administration concerned with the transport investment and funding of public transportation these questions arise: Is State aid involved? Is the compatibility of the public measures with European law ensured?

Avoiding unlawful State aid is crucial for the successful and sustainable provision of transport services to all European citizens.

Thematic scope

  • Overview of State aid rules applicable to transport sector
  • Regulation 1370/07 on public passenger transport services
  • Calculation compensation for public service obligations
  • State aid rules and overview of cases and decisions on the funding of railway, harbours and aviation

       Special focus on the new regulations

  • The New Interpretative Guidelines concerning Regulation (EC) No 1370/2007 on public passenger transport services by rail and by road
  • New Guidelines on State Aid to Airports and Airlines

The second training day will conclude with a problem solving session where you will be invited to share your experience in managing State aid for transport services and infrastructure and in cooperating with private partners in this field.


This training will provide you with a solid understanding of State aid rules applicable in the transport sector illustrated by practical examples of transport funding. A special focus will be laid on best practice and case analysis.

You are invited to send your questions to us beforehand to make sure that the problems you are dealing with will be addressed during this training.

Your benefit

  • Get a detailed overview of the most important State aid rules for the transport sector
  • Stay up to date with the newest developments in the application of the Regulation 1370/07 on public services for land transport
  • Make sure that your funding for transport infrastructure complies with the State aid rules and learn how to avoid overcompensation for the transport services
  • Get practical advice how to apply the market economy investor principle (MEIP)
  • Learn how to determine the amount of public service compensation (case study)
  • Participate in an interactive role play on how to define Public Service Obligations (PSOs)
  • Learn about the essentials EC decisions and judgements in the transport sector
  • Analyse your problems and discuss your questions with the acknowledged experts from the European Commission as well as specialists from public and private practice.

Focus group

1) Experts from the State Aid Monitoring Offices

2) Public officials involved in funding and financing of transport services and infrastructure from:

  • Ministries for Transport and Infrastructure
  • National agencies for Transport, Railways, Roads and other transport sectors
  • Regional governments
  • Communal and City councils

3) State aid experts from:

  • Railways undertakings
  • Airport operators
  • Airlines
  • Ports
  • other private companies involved in provision of transport services.

4) Lawyers and consultants specialised in public affairs



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